WTD Technology

( Wearable Technology Design )

To meet the increasing consumer demand, the WTD is producing innovative solutions that facilitate life through wearable technology. It aims to make people’s lives better by integrating objects with the human body. The WTD put an end to the confusion as regards nutrition and exercise in order to create permanent behavioral changes in people and established the “DiyetSaatim” platform.

With the “DiyetSaatim” platform, our dieticians, medical doctors and coaches are able to follow our customers in detail step by step through a single system.

We have made your Life Coach portable on your wrist with Wearable Technology!

How did DiyetSaatim come to life?

With the increasing importance of wearable technology in our daily lives, we wanted to give a new dimension to healthy life. We aimed to closely follow your daily lifestyle by combining nutrition-exercise and sleep parameters which are essential for healthy and quality life. We created a special software that can easily track your health, diet and exercises, and easily sync your smart bracelet with your phone. With the DiyetSaatim platform, your doctor, dietician, and trainer are now in your pocket!

Research and Development

R&D is one of the core values of our company and we invest more R&D in the research and development of new technologies than different institutions and companies in the sector.

Design and Application

To create the best products and solutions, we uniquely combine our ideas with a new understanding of meeting the customer’s needs; and we make our design and applications that makes the users feel special.

Sales and Marketing

As WDT Technology, we work together with our sales and marketing team to expand our customer base in certain categories and to discover more new business fields.

Let’s start now for your time!

Under the control of DiyetSaatim, are you ready to get in shape?