Basal Metabolism Rate Calculation

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation

What is Basal Metabolism Rate?


Even in a state of rest, the body spends energy to perform vital functions, such as breathing, heartbeat, sending signals to the brain, chemical reactions in cells. The basal metabolism rate is the amount of calories that our body needs to perform these basic functions.

Although the basal metabolism rate varies mainly by gender, age, height and weight, genetic factors, and body composition are also important.

You can calculate your basal metabolism rate here.


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Ways to speed up basal metabolism:


  • Increase your daily water consumption.
  • Organize your meal times and portions.
  • Try to be active during the day.
  • Do regular exercises or walks.
  • Include healthy ingredients in your diet.
  • Try drinking coffee and green tea.
  • Take advantage of spices such as chili peppers and ginger.