DiyetSaatim App


With the Diyetsaatim App, we analyze your daily,

weekly, monthly and annual reports of nutrition and calorie tracking,

step tracking, exercise tracking and water tracking.

How Does DiyetSaatim platform Work Briefly?

01. DiyetSaatim


In order for the DiyetSaatim Platform to work, you must purchase My Diet Watch by completing your membership transactions on our website.

06. Reach Your Goal in A Healthy Way


Thanks to the online tracking system offered by Diyetsaatim platform, your personal data (Pulse, Sleep, Step, Calorie, Exercise) are transferred to the system online. The analysis and reporting is made under doctor’s control.

05. Personalized Trainer


In accordance with your personal information in the system, your trainer creates your specific training programs. It tracks you online according to the data from the Diyetsaatim platform.

02. DiyetSaatim APP


You need to sync with Diyetsaatim by downloading the Diyetsaatim app from the AppStore or PlayStore to your mobile device.

03. Registration on Diyetsaatim Platform


After logging in with your user information, you need to fill in the personal information section so that our dieticians and coaches can create special nutrition and exercise programs for you.

04. Your personal dietician


Your dietician prepares special nutrition program for you according to the information you provide. It She tracks you online over the information transferred to the Diyetsaatim App.

What is Diyetsaatim App?

With the Diyetsaatim app, we make your life coach portable on your wrist.

With the increasing importance of wearable technology in everyday life, we wanted to bring a new dimension to the healthy life. We combined the fundamentals of exercise-sleep parameters as well as the essential elements of healthy-quality life together and synchronized the smart bracelet with the phone. We transferred the person’s life coach to his/her wrist with a special software technique, so DiyetSaatim began to form.

Most smart bracelets leave you alone with technology. Believing that it is human that best understands human, we developed DiyetSaatim software and bring you together with our expert staff. Thanks to DiyetSaatim software, we are now making your goals feasible and easily achievable.

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How to use Diyetsaatim APP

First, get the smart bracelet to take the first step into a healthy life. Then download the DiyetSaatim app on your phone. Synchronize your smartphone with smart bracelet using bluetooth by entering your personal information on the phone. Your life coach is now ready to use.

So let’s start traveling together in time.

What can we do with the Diyetsaatim App?

As long as Diyetsaatim is on your arm,

  • We interpret your step numbers.
  • We help you get your life in order with a good sleep plan.
  • We calculate and track the calories you spend during the exercise.
  • We track your pulse and interpret your performance for you when you are in exercise.
  • We analyze your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports by Specialized Dietitians and Trainers.
  • We answer all your questions about exercise and diet online.

Member Registration

Our users need to install DiyetSaatim APP on their mobile device after downloading from the App Store or Google Play platforms. The application becomes active as the preliminary information form is filled. Our users are asked to answer questions related to height, weight, lifestyle, and health information. After becoming a member of the diet and exercise package, a special program is prepared for you by our specialized dietitians and trainers. This program is closely monitored through the online system panel via DiyetSaatim APP.

Nutrition and Calorie Tracking

Günlük kalori takibi ve gün sonunda aldığınız yağ, protein, karbonhidrat ve lift miktarını öğrenebilme...

Daily calorie tracking and ability to learn amount of fat, protein, carbohydrate and lift you take at the end of the day…

During the day, you can add meals outside your diet list from the “add food” section and see their content. You can also see the alternatives of foods in your diet from the “offer food” section and change them accordingly. It is easier and more enjoyable to reach the body you want with DiyetSaatim…

Calorie calculation is one of the healthiest ways to achieve the goal when dieting. For this, you can find out the amount of calories you receive by adding what you eat during the day. At the end of the day you can see the total amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber you take. You can also weekly see your total calorie intake for each day.

Exercise Tracking

Exercise section: You can see the exercises given to you by our expert trainers, enter your sports exercises and their duration daily. In this way, you can see the amount of calories you spend in line with the exercise you make and its duration which you enter the “exercise” section and track your exercises accordingly.

Through DiyetSaatim, your trainer will track your exercises instantly and guide you according to these data.