Exercise Programs




DiyetSaatim implements different personal
exercise programs with the support of a personal trainer.


In this section you can find detailed information about our programs.

Exercise Program in Postural Disorders

Posture disorders, which have become a problem of recent times, lead to the formation of functional, if not structural, disorders in the skeletal musculature system from a very young age. The deteriorating posture emerges with symptoms such as the neck, back, and lower back pain over time and can further aggravate the routine work you need to do in your daily life. Right here, with our personal trainer, you will address these challenges with a corrective workout program tailored for you.

With the corrective exercise program, our trainer will contact you personally and prepare a customized exercise program regularly every week, based on your essential posture disorder and the health problem arising out of it.

Exercise Program in Chronic Diseases

The inactive lifestyle increases the risk of having chronic diseases. Physical activity is very important to minimize the complications of diseases, prevent their progression, and prevent the occurrence of new diseases. Our motto is that “Exercise is medicine if made properly” and we will contribute to the recovery process of your diseases through sports.

In chronic diseases exercise program, the age, chronic disease status and concomitant diseases of the individual are taken into consideration. In this context, a plan is made so that he/she performs the most liked exercise in certain frequency, intensity, and period. Our trainer records your progress and provides one-to-one interviews with regular follow-up every week.

Bodybuilding Program

The muscles that develop over time and the obvious physical changes in the muscular structure of your body become extremely motivating. The main thing that underlies natural muscle growth is the work done with the correct method of exercise and its applications.

With the bodybuilding program, our coach communicates with the individual on the phone. In line with the determined goals, the training principles and objective, she prepares a customized exercise program that will be done for a certain frequency, intensity, and duration. Strength and hypertrophy training requirements will be at the forefront, and the exercises to be given will be revised every week in line with the person’s body building follow-up.

Weight Loss Program

The main factor in increasing body fat is immobility. Usually, normal body fat values are 10 -15% of the total weight for men and 15 -20% for women. It is accepted as overweight Men’s value over 20% and women’s value over 30% are considered overweight. If your fat rate is above normal, it’s time to have an active life and engage in active sports.

With the weight loss program, our trainer will contact you to achieve the ideal weight of your dream, just by sparing a short period daily. Our trainer will follow you regularly with a personalized exercise program that will be given in line with certain training principles and norms, so you will see the weekly change of the variety and combination of movements.

Programs to get tighter / slimmer

Regular activities and exercises in certain intervals are crucial to obtain aesthetic, healthy and vivid physical appearance that you dream, to become thin and fit. Making your body more fit, tighter, stronger, and more flexible is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself.

With the program to get tight and fit, our trainer will provide individualized one-to-one counseling to achieve the mentioned goals in the shortest time possible, with exercises suitable for the program. It will change and renew the program content according to the development with regular follow-ups.