Nutrition Programs




Customized nutrition programs are applied
with the online dietitian service on DietSaatim platform.


In this section you can find detailed information about our programs.

Weight Loss Program

If your Body Mass Index is between 18.5-24.9 kg/m2, your weight is within normal limits. But if it’s over 24.9, then it’s time to lose weight. You need to change your diet and lifestyle.

In our weight loss program, our dietician calls you to create a suitable nutrition plan according to your lifestyle, physical activity situation, and habits. She calculates the energy you need to receive daily and creates a nutrition program according to the ideal weight. She sets goals that make you achieve your ideal weight and calls you every week to review your nutrition plan so that you can reach your goals.

Athlete’s Nutrition Program

The athlete’s energy requirement, food content and pre-and post-sport nutrition are important for maintaining health and improving performance. This varies depending on the type of sport, intensity, duration.

In the athlete’s nutrition program, our nutritionist meets with the person and prepares a special nutrition program taking into account these factors. She makes weekly monitoring and helps the person to achieve his/her goals. With this program, the aim is to increase the performance of the athlete, to keep the growth and development at the expected level, to maximize the duration of training activity, to increase concentration and motivation, to minimize the problems arising from injuries and accelerate the recovery process, to keep body weight, muscle and fat ratio at ideal limits.

Weight Gain Program

Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Sometimes the reason for this can be genetic, as well as inadequate and unbalanced nutrition. It is important that the person receives support from an expert in gaining the ideal weight.

In the weight gain program, our dietician calls you to calculate your ideal weight and daily energy you need to take and create a suitable weight gain nutrition program. Goals are set to help you achieve your ideal weight, and your dietician will call you every week to revise your diet menu and help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Program in Diseases

The basis of many chronic diseases is inadequate and unbalanced nutrition. In order to minimize complications of diseases, prevent their progression and prevent the occurrence of new diseases, it is necessary to regulate nutrition according to the type of disease.

In our Diseases Nutrition Program, our dietician will call you and receive detailed information about your health history, medications you use, diet style. Makes a close follow-up by creating a proper nutrition program. The goal is to provide a better quality of life and minimize the symptoms of diseases.

Nutrition Program in Pregnancy Period

Nutrition during pregnancy is of great importance not only for the health of the mother but also for the healthy growth and development of the fetus. Considering the increasing energy needs during pregnancy, the aim is to ensure that the baby grows and develops in a healthy way while meeting the physiological needs of the mother.

Within the nutrition program during pregnancy, our dietician calls you to create a nutrition program according to your energy needs and helps you gain weight in a controlled manner. Your nutrition becomes more enjoyable and comfortable. The process of pregnancy is a special process, so your nutrition should also be special to you.

Nutrition Program in Breastfeeding Period

During breastfeeding, the mother must have adequate and balanced nutrition, both to keep the food stores in her body in balance and to meet the baby’s needs. Otherwise, the mother can endanger both her own health and the health of the baby by spending from her own body stores.

In the nutrition program for breastfeeding mothers, your dietician can create a special program for you to help protect your food stores and she makes a nutrition planning that increase the quality of your milk content. Thus, both your baby’s needs are met, and your weight is kept under control.