A life coach beyond time…

My Diet Watch works compatible with iOS and Android phones with 1.3 inch full-touch color screen, long battery life, practical use features, Bluetooth 4.2 support. The model encourages users to be more active and gives them the opportunity to record their activities. The sensors located on it track users’ heartbeat and sleep processes, calculate the amount of calories they spend daily on average.
There are 9 sports modes in it as well as full health and activity tracking features. These are: walking, running, cycling, hiking, climbing, exercise, pedaling, treadmill. My Diet Watch can show incoming calls, messages and social media notifications, control music player on your phone, and do more.

Now it’s time for full control.

My Diet Watch features a full-capacitive, 1.3-inch, color touchscreen. Thanks to its bright display with remarkable colors, it provides a pleasant use. Seamless display lighting allows you to track data flowing on the screen with a single glance, even in intense sunlight. From instant sports data to time and date information, it allows you to select all data, just through a simple glance.


Make your watch any form you want to see it!

Thanks to the UI design of My Diet Watch’s 4 different displays, it’s possible to design the clock display you want. Catch the style that suits you best and make the time elapsed more enjoyable.

My Diet Watch can keep pace with your active lifestyle.

The sensors on top of My Diet Watch monitor users’ heartbeat and sleep processes, calculate the amount of calories they spend daily on average. With 9 sports modes on the watch, it fully monitors and logs your health and activities. This helps you see your 7-day health and exercise analysis. For a healthy life, you can do walking, running, cycling, hiking and climbing, exercise movements, pedaling, jogging on the treadmill, and yoga.


My Diet Watch
helps you stay healthy

My Diet Watch offers comprehensive activity and health monitoring with 24/7 heart rate monitor, stationary alarm, sleep monitor as well as step and calorie tracking.

Relax and get rid of stress
with the “Relax” mode.

Wherever you are, breathe and relax with the “Relax” Mode (Breathing technique mode) in My Diet Watch. Relax mode shows you the best breathing technique you need most. Thus, with careful and controlled breathing, it reduces your heart rate and reduces stress levels.


Enables you to
Stay Up to Date

You don’t need to constantly look at your phone while my Diet Watch is on your arm. You can view social media notifications (up to 70 characters), messages and calls from your watch while your phone is connected via Bluetooth. You can also control your music on your phone with the “Music Controller” mode located on the D&F Clock.


Long-term Battery Life with a
Single Charge

With a 210 mAh battery, charging in 2.5 hours, you do not have to charge My Diet Watch

for a long time. It allows you a minimum 10 days of active use with one charge. In the use

where notifications are kept to a minimum, the period of use can be easily extended to

15 days. The standby period of My Diet Watch is between 30 and 40 days.

Enhanced Resistance Against

Dust and Water: IP68

The IP68 class My Diet Watch is resistant to rain, dust and splash, so there’s no

need to worry about the smart watch not only in intensive workouts but also in

everyday use. That’s why you don’t have to worry when my Diet Watch gets wet.

IP68 Certification: Number 6 indicates that there is absolutely no dust ingress.

The number 8 indicates that it is completely waterproof at the specified pressure

and temperature. The waterproof level is technically 5ATM. Not suitable for use

in sea (saltwater) and deep dives. It is waterproof in swimming pool, shallow lake,

river and streams as well in cold shower.
NOTE: My Diet Watch does not have waterproof properties on sea water, acidic

and alkaline solutions, chemical reagents, and other corrosive liquids.