Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions below may be the answer to your questions.

How can I use DiyetSaatim platform?

You must register at www.dietsaatim.com.

You should purchase our special service package and Diyetsaatim.

You should download the “Diyetsaatim” app on your mobile device and enter your username/password information,

You should pair Diyetsaatim with your mobile device through the app,

In the next 48 hours, a special colleague from the Diyetsaatim Platform will contact you,

Thus, your Healthy Life process with us will begin.

How can I buy DiyetSaatim?

You should purchase DiyetSaatim and our services from our web site to use the DiyetSaatim platform.

Is it possible for me to benefit from your services without purchasing DiyetSaatim?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the application without my DietTime. You are synchronizing your diet plan with DiyetSaatim. Our team starts following you online after the synchronization process is completed.

Can I benefit from the services without buying DiyetSaatim?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the application without DiyetSaatim. You should synchronize DiyetSaatim and DiyetSaatim app. After you complete the synchronization, our team will start monitor you online.

What Services Are on DiyetSaatim Platform?

Online dietitian and coaching service

Diet Monitoring

Tracking calories received and burned

Step Tracking

Instant pulse tracking

24/7 sleep monitoring

Evaluation of instant data by our experts

Fit and delicious recipes

Rich-content exercise videos

Scientific articles

What should I do to benefit from your online consulting service?

In order to benefit from our online services, you need to purchase one of the customized packages prepared by DiyetSaatim platform for you.

Why should I make blood test?

Your blood test results are very important to us while making your nutrition plan. Your analysis results show which foods should be emphasized in your weight loss / gain processes for a healthy life. In this way, our users having iron deficiency is reinforced with nutrient which are rich in iron and a diet plan is prepared accordingly. There is an Internal Medicine Specialist within the DietSaatim Platform. The test results of each of our users are examined individually by our doctor. Detected findings are shared with our users when necessary.

What is Anamnesis form?

The Anamnesis form contains information that our Expert Teams have requested to get to know you better. With this form, you get answers to many questions such as your illness, medicines you use, lifestyle, food allergy, eating habits, physical activity habits. During the online interview, your diet and exercise list will be tailored to you in the light of this information.

How can I learn username and password?

Your username and password are the information you provided during the membership stage at www.dietesaatim.com where you purchased our products and services. If you forgot your password, you can renew it from “Forgot Password” on the first connection to your mobile device.

How can I contact with the expert consultant?

You can instantly chat with your Dietitian or Personal Trainer via our mobile app.

If you wish, you can contact us by calling our call center at 0850 315 71 71.

Can I change my diet list?

DietSaatim platform prepares your entire diet list with phone calls made to you. Your weekly food list is prepared exclusively for you. Of course, there will be differences in everyday life. Therefore, the food contained in your meals can be replaced with their counterparts. You can do this procedure yourself with the “Update” button located next to the food. If you received an additional or different food, you can add it through the “Add Food” button. Just remember that these changes are monitored by your Nutritionist momentarily…

How is my exercise list prepared?

After you become a member of the system, you will be called by our Personal Trainers by telephone. After receiving your age, height, weight and health information, a customized exercise list will be created for you. If you are going to a gym, the duration and sequence of exercises you can do in the salon will come to your mobile application. You can perform your exercises by watching it and reading the process of performing it. If you do not have the gym facilities, do not worry! We also prepare exercises for you that you can do at home or outdoor. As long as you want to exercise, we always support you.

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