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  • 1.3 inch full touch color screen
  • Waterproof feature
  • Long charge life
  • Bluetooth 4.2 support
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phonesIt encourages its users to be more active. It gives users the chance to record their activities. It constantly monitors you with the health sensors on it.
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DietSaatim App.
with what can you do

As long as DiyetSaatim is worn on the wrist;;

  • Your step count is closely monitored and analyzed.
  • With sleep analysis, your sleep plan is made better.
  • The calories you spend during the exercise are calculated automatically and analyzed.
  • During the exercise, your pulse is closely monitored and your performance analysis is done.
  • Your daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports are analyzed by Specialist Dieticians and Coaches.
  • You can ask all of your questions about exercise and diet to our specialists at any time.
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DiyetSaatim Nutrition Programs

Reach your ideal weight with your program prepared for you following our expert dieticians.

Antrenman türüne özel planlanan beslenme programınız ile performansınızı arttırın.

Malnutrition can bring health problems. Increase your weight in a healthy way with our dieticians.

You can find more detailed information about all of our diet DiyetSaatim nutrition programs.

Stay in action and keep your health through DiyetSaatim!

Check your daily exercise program and burned calories.

Choose the exercise customized for you and define goals. See your exercise period, spent calories and the distance you took. Make it healthier with pulse tracking and review the intensity of the exercise through the warnings at the lower and higher limits.


It is very easy to keep your form with the DiyetSaatim.

Easy weight loss with an online dietician and trainer service

You can customize your weight control program through online dietician and trainer service with the DiyetSaatim application. You can analyze your calorie burning and control your weight. You can make your nutrition healthier thanks to healthy fit tariffs and make training more entertaining through different exercise programs.


Your health is under control with the DiyetSaatim.

Record your pulse through the day and control your health level as well as activities.

You can get a more healthy and fit body by closely monitoring data concerning instant pulse tracking, sleep monitoring, physical activity status and nutrition. You can ask any questions to our experts with the DiyetSaatim app and get the most correct answers.

Today is the day you will go on a healthy life, join the DiyetSaatim nutrition programs that help you stay on this path.

DiyetSaatim Exercise Programs

Inactivity is a major factor in increasing body fat. Achieve maximum results for a minimum period of time with a revised exercise program with customized training principles.

Having a fitter, firmer and more fit body; it is only possible with a well-planned exercise program. Our personal trainer will provide you with this support.

You can find more detailed information about all of the DiyetSaatim exercise programs.