Ideal weight calculation

What should your ideal weight be?

Ideal Weight Calculator

What is ideal weight?


The ideal weight is the one which makes the individual protect his/her health and it is based on height. It may also vary in accordance with gender, age, fat and muscle rates.

You can calculate your ideal weight here:


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Does ideal weight vary among people?


Although the ideal weight is actually calculated based on the height, it is influenced by various factors. We can’t expect that body compositions of a 60-year-old person and 25-year-old person, as well as that of an athlete making exercises 4 days in a week and an office employee are same. Therefore, the ideal weight should be determined differently for each person. The range of body mass index 18.5-24.9 is considered normal. The ideal weight of the person can be determined within this range according to his/her condition.


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